Island Freezer ISA Tahiti Series

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Island Freezer ISA Tahiti Series ISA Island Freezer

ISA Italy TAHITI Series Plug-In Island Freezer Display

TAHITI model are a chilled display case that been designed according to the most advanced environmental protection standards. Propane which serves as an optional natural refrigerant, and carbon dioxide (CO2), which serves as an environmentally friendly foam blowing agent, the TAHITI unit guarantees minimal environmental impact.
TAHITI unit is available in four models, each of which is equipped with internal cabinet lights that enhance the product display. The refrigerated cabinet has an ample capacity, and allows for various types of installation (including stand-alone, in-line, block or island configurations). The unit can be defrosted either automatically or manually, in order to ensure optimal functionality and flexibility. TAHITI model is that which includes the *panoramic headpiece, which guarantees an exceptional product display with maximum product visibility.
TB : For display ice-cream and frozen food
TN : For display fresh pre-packed products
(Panoramic Headpiece only available in 183 size)
Features :
• Comes with 4 sizes :
  a) 183 Testata
      183 RS TB / RS TB/TN / RS TN  (Size : 1872 W x 900 D x 850 H)

  b) 183 Testata Panoramica
183 RS TB / RS TB/TN / RS TN  (Size : 1872 W x 700 D x 850 H)
 c) 210
210 RS TB / RS TB/TN / RS TN  (Size : 2132 W x 900 D x 850 H)
  d) 250
250 RS TB / RS TB/TN / RS TN  (Size : 2532 W x 900 D x 850 H)
• Type : Static Refrigeration (RS)
Door Type : Top Opening Sliding
• Lighting : LED
• Temperature : -18˚C to -23˚C
Refrigerant : R290 / R404

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