Gelato & Ice Cream Display ISA Millenium Series

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Gelato & Ice Cream Display ISA Millenium Series ISA Gelato and Ice Cream Display

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ISA Italy Millenium Series Plug-In Gelato & Ice-Cream Display Cabinet
Features : 
is a line of ice cream display cabinets in which quality blends perfectly with design. This marriage underpins the design of the three models that make up the range of chilled products that was specifically designed taking into account every last detail, both of the person serving and of the customer.
Millenium is characterised by a strong identity that sets it apart from the other models on the market.
 is available in three versions, each different from each other, not so much in terms of efficiency and in the choice of materials, to which the utmost attention is paid, but with regard to the design. 

The models are:
a) Millenium STD 
    Is the ice-cream display cabinet with straight glass and is the most traditional version of the Millennium line, characterised by simplicity and clean lines.  The main
    element is knowing how to combine ISA’s traditional aesthetic aspects. It is precisely for this reason that this display cabinet is suited for modern environments and
    for anyone seeking to create a place accommodating a variety of styles.
b) Millenium 
Is one of the latest innovations of the Umbrian company.  The element that distinguishes it from other models is its concave glass, bringing sophistication to any
    environment. Equally important is the ability to customise the front display panel with a wide range of colours and visuals.
c) Millenium 
s the second avant-garde model making up the Millennium line.  Unlike the JX, the glass is curved. In this case also, the front display panel can be made to
•  Temperature : -16˚C / -14˚C
•  6 types of Composition Trays
    a) 12 trays
    b) 16 trays
    c) 18 trays
    d) 20 trays
    e) 24 trays
    f) 12+12 trays
•  Cooling system with powerful motors 7
•  Hidden castors entirely incorporate into the body
•  Polyurethane insulation, 60mm with ecological CO2 expanding agent
•  Electronic thermostat allows to adjust for the use of ice-cream and pastry
•  LED lighting


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