Mini Blast Freezer & Blast Chiller ISA Zero Series

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Mini Blast Freezer & Blast Chiller ISA Zero Series ISA Blast Freezer and Blast Chiller

ISA Italy ZERO Series Plug-In Blast Freezer Series
The Zero is a multi-function, ventilated-refrigeration blast freezer that features a finned evaporator and vertically-positioned fans on the inside rear panel.

Zero features internal rounded edges in polished AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel, as well as an external AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel casing with Scotch Brite finishing.The Zero has been designed with a monolithic structure, which is insulated using ecological CO2-blown polyurethane foam (HFC & HCFC free). 
Zero maximum attention to this unit’s convenience and functionality, offering a special electronic control panel, equipped with a multifunction LCD display and ZOOM function in order to facilitate the reading of the selected programs. 
Automatic hot gas defrost, with a removable condensate collection tray
Height-adjustable AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel support feet
Standard heated probe for product temperature control, managed directly from the control panel
High-power on-board condensing unit
• Comes with 5 models :
   a) T5 (Size : 800 W x 700 D x 920 H)

   b) T8 VT (Size : 800 W x 790 D x 1270 H)
) T12 (Size : 800 W x 790 D x 1750 H)
   d) T16 (Size : 800 W x 790 D x 1950 H)
   e) T8 OR (Size : 1435
 W x 790 D x 870 H)
• Temperature : Blast Chiller +90˚C to +3˚C   Blast Freezer +90˚C to -28˚C

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